Automobile Sector

We are Manufacturers , Designer and Exporter of Quality Banjo Bolts for Automobile Industry.

Agriculture Industry

We are Manufacturers of Quality Banjo Bolts For Tractors, and Agriculture Industry

Fasteners Sector

Diamond Engineers is a reputed name in the field of Automobile and Industrial Fasteners.

About Us

Located in Ludhiana, Punjab (India), Diamond Engineers India strives to provide quality bolts to tighten the different parts of machines. The products are extensively used in the automotive and engineering industries.

The company was established in the year 1984 and has emerged as a renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the range of products such as – Banjo Bolt, Diesel Engine Banjo Bolt, Automotive Banjo Bolt, Single Hole Banjo Bolt, Double Hole Banjo Bolt, Three Hold Banjo Bolt, Four Hole Banjo Bolt, and Head Hold Banjo Bolt – to name a few.

We Provide Quality Banjo Bolts and Automobile Fasteners

We Provide Quality Banjo Bolts and Automobile Fasteners

Diamond Engineers India offers quality products that are appreciated for their fine finish, dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and superior quality. The offerings prominently include Banjo Bolt, Diesel Engine Banjo Bolt, Automotive Banjo Bolt, Single Hole Banjo Bolt, Four Hole Banjo Bolt, Head Hole Banjo Bolt, Double Hole Banjo Bolt, and Three Hole Banjo Bolt.

Why Choose Us ?

Our esteemed company takes pride in providing our customers with an expansive range of top-quality products and superior services that are unmatched by any other. We are fully devoted to meeting the diverse needs of our highly valued customers and delivering the highest level of satisfaction. Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals that strive to exceed expectations and deliver premium quality products and services. At our company, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and therefore, our products and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our esteemed customers. We recognize and acknowledge the unique requirements of each of our valuable customers, and our team is fully committed to providing customized solutions that cater to these needs. Rest assured that partnering with us will result in an impeccable and unparalleled experience.

Quality Banjo Bolts and Nut-Bolts.


Banjo bolts are a special kind of nail that hold pipes and hoses together in hydraulic systems. The nail has a hollow center for the liquid to go through and two holes on one end for the liquid to come in and out. The other end of the nail has threads so it can be screwed in place. Banjo bolts are good in tight or awkward spaces. They are made of steel, brass, or aluminum, and must be tightened correctly so there are no leaks or system problems. People like to use banjo bolts in cars and motorcycles because they are easy to use and dependable.

Automotive Banjo Bolts

Diamond Engineers India is a Well-Known Company in the field of Automotive Banjo Bolts Manufacturers in Ludhiana Punjab India.We maintain stringent quality standards in our production processes to ensure that our Banjo Bolts are reliable, durable, and efficient, catering to the evolving needs of our clients.

Banjo Bolts

Diamond Engineers India is a respected company that makes Quality banjo bolts, Steel Banjo Bolts, High Quality Banjo Bolts in Ludhiana Punjab India. We're very good at it and we make sure that every product we make is really good. We also provide great customer service and we're very proud of that.

Castle Nuts

A castle nut is a special type of nut that looks like a castle tower. It's used in cars and factories for things like steering and suspension systems. The nut has a slot in the top so that a pin can be added to keep it from coming loose. Castle nuts come in different sizes and materials, and it's very important to use them correctly.